Unlocking Mass Building With Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

If you have finally resolved to set your workout routine, you must know till now what exercises you have to do each day. You are focused enough and the desire to have that perfect physique is at its peak now. You may have also researched about different foods that you have to include in your diet and got aware about the importance of protein.

There is an ideal amount of protein required for that bulk up. There are also few of the best gain protein powders available in the market right now. Have you searched about these too?

Before getting started in your bodybuilding or mass gain journey, it is crucial to be aware of all the above factors that are going to affect your journey. One of the major factors is Protein. When people think about nutrient supplements, protein powder is the first thing that strikes their mind.

How much Protein is Enough

There are a number of varying opinions regarding the amount of protein that we need on a daily basis. But most of the official nutritional arrangements suggest a passable protein intake. An average sedentary man is required to intake 56 grams per day, whereas 46 grams of protein are required by a sedentary woman per day. The above mentioned quantity totally depends on factors like their physique goal, activity level, metabolism, etc. but there are a number of approaches to calculate your protein requirements.

The first approach is the simple idea of human body weight and requirements. For instance, if you are a female with a healthy weight of 150 lbs, you need 1.2 g/kg protein to build mass. The second option is to calculate your protein intake as a certain percentage of your total calorie intake. Some research suggests consuming 20 to 40 grams of protein at a time, if you want to enhance muscle building and growth, with some exercises.

Apart from taking Protein rich diet, protein mass gainers are a good choice to adapt in. They are health supplements which are a good blend of protein and other important essential nutrients that help in mass building like protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates. The main purpose of mass gainers is to provide individuals with enough calories which helps in gaining some body mass.

Avoid eating larger quantities as it can contribute to fat building consequently which may deteriorate your muscle building process. In the view of protein intake, Optimum nutrition Serious Mass supports your muscle building by offering 50 grams of protein in each serving to help you fasten up the muscle recovery and give instant energy boost.

Ingredients In Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass


As we have heard many times that Protein is a nutrient that is the building block of our muscles. It is the first ideal nutrient if you even think of gaining weight gain. Protein assists to repair the body muscles while making it more stronger and better. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass offers 50 grams of protein in its single serving. Briefly, it is around 35-40% of total protein consumed in single serving of this ideal product. If you want a mass gainer supplement, then Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass could be the best choice to meet all your protein needs for weight gain.


If you want to build body muscles or just want to put on some healthy weight, carbs are considered a goofy friend of yours. Getting the right amount of carbohydrates is more important than keeping a check on your consumption.

The good amount of carbohydrates balances the levels of glycogen which give power in our workout sessions. Our body feels energized for everyday activities when we are taking in enough carbohydrates.

Though, It Ideally said that half of our calories must come from the carbs only but it doesn’t mean to eat only pizzas and other junk foods every time when we need carbs. We must focus on taking the complex carbs like cereals, whole wheat breads and leafy vegetables, etc. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass offers more than 250 grams of carbs in its single serving. If you consume it on daily basis, this will be enough for you. It is a perfect product to maintain your diet with all these three essential nutrients.

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats must be consumed in enough amounts and should be part of our diet though in a low quantity. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass offers fat just 4.5 grams in its single serving. Thus, it is crucial to add additional fat in our diet. Natural foods that are rich in fat such as whole eggs, salmon fish, tuna and sardines, etc must be consumed as well. Fat does not make us fat but the extra calories do. Hence, it is advised to keep a check on it.

How does Optimum nutrition serious mass help you?

Generally, other mass gainers do not contain such micronutrients that Optimum nutrition Serious Mass consists of. Now, If you are replacing your meals by only consuming mass gainers, if you do not use Optimum nutrition Serious Mass then definitely your diet will become deficient of all nutritional values. This deficiency will definitely harm your overall health, even if you do it for a short period of time. Thus, it is advised to consume Optimum nutrition seriously with enough of a good natural diet that may include nutrition rich food like dairy, eggs, meat, fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains, and legumes and oils.

We must keep in mind that bulking up refers to adding some extra calories into our diet and that too on a daily basis. When we intake a good amount of calories required , then we will definitely be bulking up. Optimum nutrition serious mass not only adds macronutrients into our diet, but also offers a sufficient amount of calories in our body.

If you are

  • already taking a poor diet with less nutrients
  • And consuming processed foods
  • Along with also not including fruits, and green veggies with just etc.

Then Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass will show its effect but in little way. In these cases, rather than taking supplements with water or just milk, you can blend your Optimum nutrition serious mass with different fruits to prepare a delicious smoothie.

If we take an example for breakfast, we can blend Optimum nutrition serious mass weight gainer with foods like oats, nuts, spinach, banana or even some greek yoghurt, etc. In this manner, you can add a whole bunch of nutritious calories into your diet while consuming good amount of protein from the best mass gainer supplement, Optimum nutrition Serious Mass.

Gaining strength, building muscles and habitual weight lifting can be incredibly healthy if you are looking to gain weight, and Optimum nutrition serious mass is the perfect partner if anyone is consuming it at the right time.

Conclusion :

You consistency could be the most effective method yet also the hardest part. It is not a surprise that many researchers have concluded that being consistent with Optimum nutrition Serious Mass has most effective results. This is why it is advisable to choose a healthy diet that you know you can follow daily. Consuming this weight gainer supplement has also proved the best choice in achieving our physique goals. We must focus on building our foundation first by doing regular workouts and keeping a right amount of diet, and intake of this supplement with regularity.

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