What is Platinum Hydrowhey?

Hydrowhey is simply the hydrolysed, the hydrolysate protein. The term hydrolysed means that the protein has been broken down and is quicker in absorption. It is a very effective kind of protein. Although many hydrowhey products are available in the market, the best are optimum nutrition products, especially the brand new optimum nutrition platinum hydrowhey protein.


The noteworthy part of optimum nutrition platinum hydrowhey is that it is rich in carbohydrates, fat, and lactose. The supplement is made from filtering technologies, and the hydrolysis process further breaks down the protein molecule making it easy to digest. The hydrolysed proteins are so pure that they aid in muscle recovery more than you can imagine.


Now that you have a brief about the Optimum nutrition platinum hydrowhey, let us take a look at its advantages:

Easier on your stomach

The foremost advantage of ON hydrowhey is that it is easy to digest, hence good for your stomach. Hydrolyzed protein supplements do not cause a stomach-ache or other gut issues. Traditional whey protein supplements contain lactose which can cause digestive distress, such as bloating, diarrhoea, and cramping. But with the hydrolysis process this effect can be reduced. The hydrolysis process, you see, results in such a whey protein powder that is lower in lactose, and also lower in fat and carbs. People who have a severe dairy allergy or intolerance, should opt for plant-based ON hydrolyzed protein.

Lower in carbs and fats

The next perk of optimum nutrition platinum hydrowhey is its lower content of carbs and fats. With the help of the hydrolysis you get a whey protein supplement that is more concentrated, hence, lower in fat and carbs. It is an ideal supplement for those willing to loose weight, or those following a strict diet.

It might help you recover faster

In addition to the above, the ON hydro whey supplements leads to faster muscle recovery post exercise, since it is fastly absorbed. Hydrolyzed protein supplements, you see, contains smaller peptides than non-hydrolyzed protein. It is therefore more rapidly absorbed in the GI tract and more readily available for use by the body. As a result the recovery for post-workout regime becomes more efficient. Moreover, there is also a quicker supply of nutrients to your strained muscles, which results in overall better absorption of protein for some individuals. This in turn will potentially improve recovery time and reduce muscle soreness.


The optimum nutrition platinum hydrowhey is specially recommended for certain people which includes:

  • People who have issues digesting regular protein powders
  • Those people who have malabsorption issues, like a person with IBS
  • All those people who want to gain lean muscle, do intense exercise, and seek higher recovery
  • Everyone who is seeking a competitive edge
  • People looking for quicker recovery between workouts

Furthermore, it also depends a lot on your own recovery and muscle-building needs. You can use hydrowhey supplement for pre- or post-workout daily for muscle maintenance and recovery, as well as to meet your daily protein needs. You can also add it to fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats for an enhanced cum balanced and complete nutrient profile. Athletes willing to gain healthy carbs must take hydrowhey supplements. Hydrowhey supplements offer a wholesome set of proteins. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consult a dietician before taking any kind of supplement.


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