The health supplement brand, Optimum Nutrition, has long been in talk. It is recommended by experts and opted by majority of bodybuilders, athletes, and laymen all over the globe. Optimum Nutrition offers the best dietary supplements such as protein bars, multivitamins, BCAAs, and amino acids. Today’s blog focuses on optimum nutrition hydro whey protein which is highly effective, and affordable.


Let us take a minute and understand what is hydro whey before plunging on to optimum nutrition hydro whey protein supplements. Protein, as everyone knows, is the building block of human body. Protein caters to tons of human body functions. The most common protein supplements till now were protein concentrate and protein isolate, but with the advancement of science, protein hydrolysate has become common. Hydrolysation is the new protein manufacturing process. It is becoming rampant. The hydrolysed proteins are simply the proteins that are extracted after been broken down, and is quicker to digest.

The optimum nutrition hydro whey protein follow this process of hydrolysis whereby the protein molecules are gathered into supplements either via protein digestive enzymes or heating a protein with acid. Both the processes give the same result that is, breaking the proteins down into singular or smaller-chained amino acids. The hydrolysed whey protein is easy to digest and absorb. All those who are on a strict health regime and seek fitness should definitely fill their cart with the ON hydro whey supplements.


Given that information, let me now familiarize you with the important role of the Optimum Nutrition hydro whey protein:

Fast Amino Acid Delivery

When proteins are digested, they are broken into amino acids in our liver and are distributed to the body’s various organs. However this process is quite slow. A good bodybuilding supplement should send all the aminos directly to the muscle which is why the optimum nutrition hydro whey protein is preferred. The hydrolysed whey protein can be quickly digested, and is therefore easier for the body to finish breaking it down more. Eventually, the amino acids are absorbed more quickly. As a result one’s muscles get a supercharged dose of amino acids all at once.

The primary reason for this phenomenon is the fact that hydrolyzed proteins contain significantly higher levels of leucine and casein in comparison to the traditional whey isolates.

Superior Recovery

It is a known fact that a continuous strenuous workout makes the body experience a downfall in glycogen and this usually results in a feeling of being very weary. In order to combat this issue, one must ingest excessive carbs post a workout so as to re-start the glycogenic processes and stimulate the body’s recovery. The optimum nutrition hydro whey protein is the best option to enhance the effects of this practice.

A lot of studies attest that hydrolyzed whey increases the glycogen levels of skeletal muscles. Certain experiments have also been conducted to show that the ingestion of hydrolyzed whey raises the glycogen levels in the muscles.

Improved Performance

Furthermore, the optimum nutrition hydro whey protein impeccably improves one’s overall performance. The ON hydrolyzed whey supplements guarantee enhanced physical performance when taken in the middle of a workout. Various researches depict that when hydrolyzed protein are consumed in the middle of a workout, it renders substantial benefits, such as stimulation of muscle protein synthesis to a much greater degree as well as a boost in leucine.

To conclude, the optimum nutrition hydro whey protein caters to your inside- out health, and improved overall performance.


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