The most important micronutrient for human body? Guess. Whey protein, my friend, yes the liquid part of milk that remains after curdling. Whey protein is a high quality protein that is loaded with immense benefits. It bulks up muscle mass, but also lets you loose extra fat, and that is why it is used profusely for weight loss all across the world.


When we mention whey protein it is incumbent to name the Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein, available on It can be consumed in so many forms, powders, bars, and shakes all of which helps in maintaining bodyweight.

The reason why Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein supplements are good for weight loss, is that it contains just the exact number of carbohydrates needed before a work out. It mobilises fat in the body. Also, it is a protein rich snack that keeps one fill for a long time. Therefore, one does not indulge into overeating.


Wanna try some lip smacking recipes? Oh yes it’s time to unleash some deliciously healthy recipes made from Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein for weight loss, so here we go:

Blueberry smoothie

Easy to make the Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein blueberry recipe is made from unsweetened milk, ON protein powder, frozen blueberries, unsalted almond butter and water for blending.

Peanut butter cup shake

Next is the buttery peanut shake. Just blend in unsweetened almond milk, chocolate/ protein powder, unsweetened cocoa powder, frozen banana, and some natural unsalted peanut butter. That’s it, your protein rich peanut butter cup smoothie is ready.

Vanilla chai shake

Sounds unusual, I know but super tasty. To make the vanilla chai shake, you will have to mix unsweetened almond milk, teabag, protein powder supplement, frozen banana, ground cinnamon,  and some unsalted natural almond butter.

Green monster

Apart from the name, there is nothing monstrous in this drink. It is a perfect zero belly smoothie, where you just have to mix sugar free apple juice, protein powder, chopped pear, baby spinach, avocado, ripe avocado, and frozen banana.

Peanut butter cum Jelly protein

Okay spoilers alert, you are going to taste some salt and sweet mixed together. The peanut butter cum jelly protein shake is a mix of frozen berries, natural peanut butter, protein powder supplement, rolled oats, and some soy milk. So, you have the taste of soy milk, peanut butter, and protein powder.

Spinach flax protein

It is spinach, protein, flax, and chia seeds in one. The spinach flax protein shake is also a rich source of vitamin A. The chia seeds add fibre. Furthermore you can get more innovative with the taste by adding mango, pineapple, and banana.

Skinny high protein milkshake

Do you hear that, oreo- and high protein together. The skinny high protein milkshake, is made from fat free cottage cheese, skim milk, cookies, vanilla, and stevia, one of the healthiest sugar substitutes. When you add oreo, the shake turns just scrumptious!

Sunrise smoothie

This sunrise smoothie will literary give you tropical taste. Get some greek yogurt, banana, berries, and orange together. Start the blender and get a slim- trim physique.

Dark chocolate peppermint smoothie

The showstopper of today’s weight loss recipes is the dark chocolate peppermint smoothie. It is made from protein powder, greek yogurt, dark chocolate and peppermint for freshness.

Healthy and fun, do try the above recipes and manage your weight without loosing any delicacies.

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